In the beginning

Angelo Bavaro Producer is a project by Angelo Bavaro, who started his career in 1993 as a radio speaker/dj for some famous clubs located in the south of Italy. Then, he formed in Milan (music production, audio engineering, video production).

On 28 July 2013 Angelo launched his own project “Angelo Bavaro Producer” and released his first single ALL I DO TONIGHT. The debut single was well received by the web community. 2013 was professionally busy and it was the year in which he started a new collaboration with the singer Daniela Bedin for the songs IT’S JUST NOT ON (Sept 2013) and NO TIME FOR THAT (Nov 2013).

In 2014, the project grew up all over the world. The video for the single KNOCKING AT THE DOOR (Jan 2014), directed by the famous visual artist M.A. Miglierina, has allowed Angelo to get a lot of visibility on the web and to capture the attention of different music bloggers. In this video, Angelo bares his body and soul completely.

Despite Angelo was very excited to have gained these recognitions, he was just working on his new mini album BREAK THE DANCEFLOOR, released on 10 April 2014. With the song video BREAK THE DANCEFLOOR – MELANCHODANCE REMIX (Jun 2014) Angelo won the YouTuber’s hearts. Later that year, in order to celebrate sexual freedom, he released the single BONJOUR MON AMOUR (Sept 2014). The fantastic 80s rule the roost in its video.


In 2015, Angelo released the tracks BETWEEN ME AND YOU (March 2015) and INTO MY MIND (Sept 2015). They were the results of an accurate work on his voice.

Furthermore, there is a clear and mature research on sounds that are able to get the attention of a even larger foreign audience. The watchword of Angelo is “to collaborate”. The artist Concetta Modica is the direction of photography for the cover of the ballad “Between Me And You”. M.A. Miglierina is the director of the music video of the song “Into My Mind”.


Since 2015, Angelo has also carved out a career as a remixer. He has worked on an assortment of successful and famous songs. INTO THE GROOVE (Madonna), SHOW ME LOVE (Robins S), PERFECT ILLUSION (Lady Gaga).

The More You Get

In January 2016, Angelo returned with the single THE MORE YOU GET. A song with a totally international feel.

The electronic ballad has reached high position in Spotify and it has been a success in Russia. Although Angelo was initially determined to release the track without a music video, he suddenly changed his mind. He launched the music video two months later. It contains a clear message about the wars of religion.



In April 2018 Angelo finally released his first album TRACES, the compilation album that includes all his singles and THE FIGHT, a new electro-pop song with 80s sound.

In June 2018 Angelo released THE FIGHT – PEOPLE THEATRE’S STRENGTH MIX, a fresh mix by People Theatre, the French band that has made over 550 remixes for bands such as Bronski Beat, Anne Clark , U96 , IAMX.


In 2020 Angelo release PERFECT LOVE, the new song composed/mixed/mastered by himself.

In 2022 the artist has begun again to produce new songs, completely influenced by 80s spirit: IN THE NIGHT (a dance song) and OVER AND OVER (a love song, released on December 1st).