Angelo Bavaro Producer Exclusive Interview

angelo bavaro producer interview

The exclusive interview

All Around New Music, the international music blog, interviewed Angelo Bavaro Producer

All Around New Music spoke to Angelo Bavaro Producer on Monday morning via phone, to talk about his creative process, his future collaborations and his new Album.

This is the first interview that the Italian electro pop artist gives to a famous blog and marks an important stage in his career.

Interview: Angelo Bavaro Producer

All Around New Music had the opportunity to catch up with Angelo Bavaro Producer at Milan.
We talked about everything from music, his tastes and his creative process.
Down below the video, you can find the Italian Version of the interview (Versione Italiana).

We’ve adored “The More You Get”. How did it come about? I do appreciate it! Actually, I’ve composed that song in a period of my life in which I had something different in mind from what I had previously released. I was pretty sure …..