Angelo Bavaro Producer collaborates with music blog

THE COLUMN collaboration with music blog

Angelo Bavaro Producer collaborates with music blog.

Angelo Bavaro Producer has just informed his fanbase that, from today, he collaborates with the famous music blog allaroundnewmusic.

Angelo will write on the music blog and will follow his own section, which is called THE COLUMN.

His first post is out and talks about The Eurodance Music in the 90s.

90s Dance Music: The Eurodance

One of the musical genres that impacted my life the most is 90s Dance Music. In particular, in Europe, I listened to and danced a lot of Eurodance music tracks.
It was the time of lightheartedness: DJs used to go round the shops, searching for those few vinyls, the latest release to play in disco or in a private party (they were all around town, both outdoors and indoors).

There were sono many musical genres that caught my attention: House Music was one of my absolute favorites. Despite this, Eurodance Music raged throughout the Old Continent, and there were so many dancing pieces, with very innovative sounds and with captivating melodies full of feeling.
There were musical instruments typical of this musical genre…..