Angelo Bavaro Producer Aiming for 2017 Album Release

TRACES New Album

Traces: The New Album

Angelo Bavaro Producer has been hard at work on his upcoming album and is planning for it to be released in 2017 reaping positive reviews from Music Critic, according to his manager.

When asked specifically about the new work, the italian music producer told “The project is called TRACES, just like the traces I have composed, just like the traces I have left in my life and in my career. 

TRACES is the first greatest hits album of Angelo Bavaro Producer and contains also the new single “The Fight”, a very 80s song.

“The Fight” sticks with a dark intro, but ditches the piano in favour of synth full of delays and reverbs. The song feels like it will never stop making you dance, with a kick and a bass that evoke a classic 80s groove.

The greatest hits album will contain also 3 songs with a new vocal line: “Knocking At The Door”, “No Time For That” and “It’s Just Not On”.